HOYO-MiX - Where the Heart Belongs

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[00:00.000] HOYO-MiX - Where the Heart Belongs

[00:00.000] 作词 : 黑金雨 Oil Li

[00:00.948] 作曲 : 寇悠悠 UUU (HOYO-MiX)

[00:01.896] 编曲 : 寇悠悠 UUU (HOYO-MiX)

[00:02.844] 制作人 : 寇悠悠 UUU (HOYO-MiX)

[00:03.795]歌手 Vocal Artist:Shye

[00:04.795]和声 Chorus:陆可儿Kirby


[00:16.683]You know how I long for a home where my heart belongs

[00:32.812]Be no passer-by or rolling stone, live with something lifelong

[00:33.073]Evergreens, winds and sunshine, double cotton pillows bathing in light

[00:42.405]You know how I long for a home where my heart settles down

[00:49.050]All along with you(over and over, over and over)

[00:52.503]I did, I'll do(over and over)

[00:57.021]We'll get lines and folds(over and over, over and over)

[01:00.743]Still, the moments will glow


[01:04.458]Every time we recall all the days

[01:07.661]When we were so young

[01:08.988]We could find that nothing's changed

[01:11.378]Be right by your side to make dreams come true

[01:15.629]All I wanna do is spend my life with you

[01:20.415]Every time you feel like losing ways

[01:23.331]Just turn around, I never go far away

[01:27.865]Oh I wanna seek with you

[01:31.324]For the final piece of soul and make me whole (Only you)


[01:37.703]Go somewhere we know

[01:40.887]Only we know

[01:44.865]If time could be slow

[01:48.606]Forever, ever, ever

[01:53.121]So we just go

[01:56.571]Till someday we know

[02:00.552]Till the end of the world

[02:04.541]Forever, ever, ever


[02:28.978]Gimme hands

[02:30.036]We shall never fall apart

[02:31.897]Gimme fire

[02:33.236]Come and burn my beating heart

[02:36.704]Heat the air

[02:37.496]Gonna make the lilies sway

[02:40.417]All my senses fly away


[02:45.191]I'm gonna drown

[02:47.054]Words have no meaning

[02:48.653]I'm gonna drown

[02:49.451]Can't help falling

[02:51.588](I'm craving)

[02:52.920]I'm sinking down

[02:53.978]Down into feelings

[02:56.368]I'm sinking down

[02:57.426]Down into love


[03:01.044] 录音棚 Recording Studio:缪思录音棚Muses Studio;羊绒工作室Cashmere Studio

[03:02.533] 录音师 Recording Engineer:范璨媚DoubleThree_33(缪思音乐MusesMusic);袁雄宇Yuan

[03:04.022] 混音师 Mixing Engineer:寇悠悠 UUU (HOYO-MiX)

[03:05.511] 母带制作 Mastering Engineer :寇悠悠 UUU (HOYO-MiX)

[03:07.000] 出品 Produced by : HOYO-MiX








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